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Discover the Joy of Dating

When you think about dating again, how does that feel in your body?

Does it make you feel excited? Uneasy? Confused? Downright yucky?

I’m Erin Prewitt, an Intuitive Coach. I’ve helped hundreds of people cultivate a fulfilling online dating experience to help them find enjoyment in dating, all the way to finding lasting satisfaction in their relationship.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve discovered dating is both a science and an intuitive process, and when we can hone our dating strategy and be self-reflective dating becomes a more positive experience.

A Stanford study showed approximately 40% of US couples met via dating apps. 53% of US adults under 50 years old are using them…but right now only 20% of men and 30% of women are getting at least one date from those apps. Why is that number so low? Why are people experiencing so much struggle around dating?

My approach:

I’ve discovered that at the core of most of our dating angst, is a lack of understanding of who we are, what we truly want and need from our partners and how to communicate that effectively to attract the right people!

Together, we will build a profile that shows the truth of who you are and gain skills for how to vet dates, continuously developing a smaller and smaller sieve so you attract people who will truly appreciate YOU!

Date Successfully by Knowing Yourself

Dating should be a journey of self-discovery, a playground to learn more about yourself, find deeper inner peace, and allow your heart to open both to yourself, the world around you, and a romantic partner.

That’s why I combine my skills as an intuitive coach,  trained facilitator, energy healer and meditation coach to create a program that helps you intimately know and build a relationship with yourself as well as a potential partner.

You don’t have to do it alone

I’ll hold your hand through the process from building a profile, navigating conversations and early dates with 1 on 1 coaching and text support to really being in the trenches alongside you. So whether you are a dating pro who wants to work through a roadblock or a complete novice, you will learn how to date with ease and confidence!

Available Mindful Dating Offerings



Wading the Dating Waters:

This single-session package is for those who want support as you go or in one specific area.


  • One time dating 70-minute session with Erin
  • Short text check-ins

Investment: $160

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Let’s Go Swimming:

This package is for launching or relaunching into dating for those who want support to set up a profile, help to create a vetting process for dates, and support during initial interactions to help: facilitate your self-growth, show up authentically in conversation, and stay curious and open.

This package, depending on the client’s needs, occurs over 4 to 6 weeks.


  • Two 70-minute sessions with Erin ($320 value)
  • Support setting up a dating profile, Erin shares the science of success with what works to get the right swipes.
  • Setting up your vetting process
  • Two mini check-in sessions to support dating success: Are you discovering insights about yourself? Are you being and communicating authentically? Are you staying open and curious?($130 value)
  • Weekly text support to check-in
  • Help to communicate with potential dates that is steeped in the science of what works, blended with your intuition.

Investment: $555

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Deep Dive, Let Erin be your Match Maker: 

This deep dive is inviting Erin in to be your online dating matchmaker, let her swipe, vet and if needed begin conversations to get you more of the right dates.

This package is set up for a month-long support.


  • Two 70-minute sessions with Erin ($320 value).
  • Two weekly quick text check-ins to support dating success: Are you discovering insights about yourself? Are you being and communicating authentically? Are you staying open and curious?
  • Erin will game plan with you setting up the dating profile and vetting process.
  • Erin will spend 2 hours a week swiping and will kickstart conversations. ($320 value)
  • After starting the conversation, Erin will provide ongoing handoffs based on match-making connections.
  • Erin will provide support with moving conversations forward, first-date planning, and debriefing of dates.
  • You will be provided with ‘counter date options.’ This is based on new research reflecting that people are more likely to have success dating (i.e. connections) when they pick people counter to their normal types.
  • Help with communicating with potential dates that is steeped in the science of what works, blended with your own intuition.

Investment: $1300

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Erin has worked with people across the globe of all different races, sexual orientations and identities to find their match and fall in love with their dating experience. If you would like to learn more about how Erin can help you in your dating journey, book a free discovery call at


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Wading Into the Waters (1 Session), Let's go Swimming (2 Sessions), Deep Dive Online Matchmaking

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