Classes and intuitive coaching that make ‘being happy’ a right-now experience.

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When you ask someone “what do you want for your life and future?” , the answer is usually “I want to be happy.” Finding happiness may sound like a simple endeavor, but it can be tricky or elusive. We may find happiness in singular moments, but those fleeting glimpses may seem difficult to sustain. To be happy in love, happy in business, happy in career….is all of this possible? Erin Prewitt answers that question with a resounding YES. We believe that being happy, powerfully and peacefully happy, is absolutely within your reach. We’ve created a menu of life-altering classes and coaching that give you powerful access to making “being happy” a RIGHT NOW experience.

Erin Prewitt believes that when your soul is alive and purposeful being peaceful, powerful, and happy are the natural results. When we unlock our soul’s intuition we unleash our greatest gifts, and we enjoy the profound experience of being truly alive. Erin Prewitt helps each client to to fall more in love with life by being more creative, being more connected to people, being more empowered to solve problems, feeling a deepening of peace, having clarity regarding life’s purpose, being centered in order to problem solve with ease, and to find the keys that unlock their most authentic self. Erin Prewitt is here to help your experience of being human be an exciting, fulfilling adventure rather than a stress-laden game of survival.


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Intuitive Travel


If you have ever wanted to travel in a way that feeds both your soul and your need for adventure, then Intuitive Travel is what you have been looking for.

Intuitive Coach  Erin Prewitt and Evidential Medium Meredith Capella will host you at the luxurious Quinta do Pedregal Hotel spa in Lever, Portugal. You will have access to incredible grounds, spa and fabulous pool and your taste buds will be delighted with the farm-to-table menu Chef Diogo has cultivated for your stay.



Mindful Dating

Date Authentically by Knowing Yourself -Dating should be a journey of self-discovery, a playground to learn more about yourself, find deeper inner peace, and allow your heart to open both to yourself, the world around you, and a romantic partner.

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Intuitive Coaching

One-on-one sessions with Erin – Receive intuitive readings and life coaching to support your journey.

  • Five 60-Minute Sessions (Save $150)

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Hello, I’m ERIN

Erin Prewitt

I’ve always had a strong passion for the intuitive arts, yet it took a monumental personal loss to awaken my deepest desire to create my own business.

In the Spring of 2014, my husband of 15 years was unexpectedly killed. This tragedy challenged me to “break open” to life rather than break down.



What People Are Saying

Erin has a way of making you feel immediately at ease when you speak with her.  She has provided me with invaluable insights regarding my work, relationships, and so much more!  Every time I visit Erin, I leave with a renewed sense of hope and excitement.  She helps to clarify things in my life that I have trouble seeing myself, and she does it all with kindness and a great sense of humor!  I highly recommend Erin.

– Sarah , Teacher