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Erin Prewitt offers services that allow you to unlock your greatest potential and to realize your sweetest dreams.  We believe that every person has the power to grasp not only their human potential, but their soul’s potential as well.  We are here to help guide your journey and to support your soul taking flight…because we really do believe in you and all that you have to offer this planet.

Erin Prewitt


Erin Prewitt is a skilled practitioner who provides intuitive readings, Reiki, guided meditation, and past life regression for clients. For many years, Erin has maintained a strong passion for the intuitive arts, yet it took a monumental personal loss to awaken her deepest desire to create her own business.


In the early Spring of 2014, Erin’s husband of 15 years was unexpectedly killed. This tragedy challenged Erin to “break open” to life rather than break down.


Speaking candidly from a sincere and heartfelt place, Erin’s journey to forgiveness has inspired people of all ages and backgrounds as she shares her story. Erin has spoken to thousands about her courage to make a life built on joy, forgiveness, trust, and living life from your own intuition. Utilizing her skills in the healing arts, as well as trusting her own intuition to guide her out of her darkest moments, Erin has committed her life to teaching others how to do the same. Erin’s loss is not uncommon. Her journey, however, is.

Erin in the Press

This Woman Forgave the Drugged Driver Who Killed Her Spouse – And Is Starting a Movement


By: Jen Reeder
Huffington Post


What I love most about being a journalist is the chance to interview inspiring people dedicated to making the world a better place. I’ve talked to gregarious chefs in soup kitchens, trainers of guide dogs for the blind, folks who volunteer abroad on their “vacations,” women who shelter survivors of domestic violence. There’s so much pain in the world, and we really need to hear stories of courage and hope.


So it was particularly special to have the privilege of speaking with Erin Prewitt recently. I’ve never met anyone like her.


Erin’s husband Chris, her college sweetheart, was jogging one morning last April when a drugged driver killed him. Chris was not only adored by Erin and their seven-year-old daughter Isabella, but by seemingly everyone he met. He rose above a hearing disability to become a beloved educator, a philanthropist who traveled to Sierra Leone to train teachers, a friendly guy whose catchphrase was “Make it a great day!”


“Chris and I made a conscious choice that in our marriage, we wanted to make each other better people,” Erin told me. “And Chris had that way with people. He saw them at their best — their potential — and they’d almost always rise to the occasion … that’s kind of how he moved through the world. And he loved life — what most people put into a day, Chris would try to put into an hour.”


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