“Erin is an amazing spiritual coach and intuitive. She’s kind-hearted, supportive, and fun. She has great energy, it’s almost like you feel drawn to her. I believe so much in her work that I’m literally changing my business because of her guidance and have started seeing the benefits. I highly recommend Erin; even 1 session with her can change your life.”
-Kristie L. Pedersen, Certified Health and Life Wellness Coach

“It a true honor to share my experience in working with Erin Prewitt from Bent Wings. In my considerable experience with spiritual, intuitive people, I can honestly and happily assure you that Erin is a one-of-a-kind, highly skilled and talented intuitive coach and teacher. From our first warm meeting, in which she consulted me from an intuitive level (without me providing context), she was able to hit the target with a progressive, unique approach. Her methodology allowed me to focus my endeavors to a different illuminated path, a path that continuously allows me to reap it’s rewards. Erin’s ability to break through barriers and mental obstructions through her energy readings is incredibly powerful. She is a warm yet fierce, passionate, upbeat and funny contemporary psychic who provides a safe environment in which to learn, grow, and generate ideas.”

– Debby Blanchette-Struijk, Director, Wevolve Consulting LLC

“After more than 20 years of learning and growing, I have developed a deep trust for Erin Prewitt’s advice, guidance and coaching. When I seek her guidance, I know it will be delivered with honesty and from a true place of caring. Erin sees things from a unique perspective, but is also capable of considering and understanding the viewpoints of others. Erin courageously speaks the truth, and is sometimes the only one brave enough to tackle difficult topics. When I seek coaching, I value honesty, especially when it reveals opportunities to grow my own-self in ways I had not considered. Erin is highly intuitive which, combined with her boldness, leads to extremely honest and candid discussions. Erin sifts through all the noise to get down to the issues.”

Doug Thaxton, Sr. Project Manager

“Erin has a way of making you feel immediately at ease when you speak with her. She has provided me with invaluable insights regarding my work, relationships, and so much more! Every time I visit Erin, I leave with a renewed sense of hope and excitement. She helps to clarify things in my life that I have trouble seeing myself, and she does it all with kindness and a great sense of humor! I highly recommend Erin.”
Sarah, Teacher

“As a student in Erin’s mindfulness classes, I have taken two different courses over a period of six months. Those six months of growth, guidance and training have been life altering. I have found a level of peace with my past that I have never found previously. In addition to mindfulness, her classes teach coping skills for everyday life, which I utilize daily. Erin taught me to meditate on various levels including body scanning, the exploration of spirit animals, nature journeys, and the facing of fears. A particular focus in her teachings is trusting your instinct. Erin provides many tools and exercises that provide you with a deeper connection to your sixth sense and reliance on your intuition. I have been practicing her teachings for over a year now and the growth in my everyday happiness and confidence is tremendous. I am emotionally calm and not as quick to react in anger or judgment. Erin is truly gifted; she reveals to you the potential you possess and offers genuine support. She is honest yet kind when pointing out areas in which you may need work. Her spirit is warm and gentle with a lovely sense of humor. I love that each time we meet, I grow and learn more about myself.”

Brandi Holloway

“I feel deeply grateful to have Erin in my life. I appreciate the way in which she is always direct as well as upbeat in talking with me. Most importantly, her insight is always spot on. I love being able to rely on Erin when I need guidance & support. I highly recommend her services!”

Lisa Ann Rood, LCSW, Therapist

“I have sought Erin for advice a couple of times and both times I have walked away with a better understanding of how best to leverage my own abilities and self to navigate situations that arise in my life. She has such an energetic yet calming vibe. Her intuition is spot on. She not only addresses the issues you go to her for, but she will make sure to address anything else that presents itself during your reading – whether you expect it or not. I HIGHLY recommend you treat yourself and your well-being to spend some time with her. You future self will thank you.”
– Mayra Hernandez