Boldly Beautiful
by Erin Prewitt on March 9th, 2015

What do you see in this picture?  Look closely…

The old me would look at this picture focusing in on my very untidy room (yep, this is my bedroom).  Those are my clothes hanging on a chair and pilling up on the dresser, and of course my drawers which I never seem to be able to completely close.  The old me would have missed the bold, strong, young girl daring the camera, standing front and center.  The old me was quick to get caught up in the looking good of life.  Refusing to post this picture (or at least without editing the surrounding mess)…the old me would have seen the mess and missed the magnificence.
I am still a work in progress…hopefully we are all unashamed to admit we are works in progress, growing and developing in this crazy experience of being human.  Part of my personal journey to grow and develop is to see the beauty all around me and let it in.
Today when I look at this picture my heart bursts with pride, because this bold little creature is my 8 year old daughter who cares less about her crazy bed-head hair and stands proudly in her full power.  I see not only the beauty in this shot, but the lesson.  The lesson for me is,
Stand proudly Erin…Stand boldly Erin Gallagher…Stand in your power Erin Gallagher Prewitt. 
My great lesson looking at this photo is to keep letting go of the blemishes I so easily see in my life.  You know, those little flaws that seem to be captured in every photograph of us?!  Instead, maybe we should look into a camera with the ease and confidence so well displayed by my 8 year old child? 
I get excited thinking about a world where all of us woman (men too!) walk more boldly and confidently in our bodies.  Here is to walking about unabashedly proud today!

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